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Want to feel better? Wish there was an easy and delicious way to get more fruits and vegetables? How about more energy and mental clarity?
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What to Expect

When you have a smoothie a day, you're getting ingredients that benefit your body and mind, giving you maximum health benefits. We put nothing but the best organic fruits, vegetables & seeds in our smoothies with absolutely no added sugars or artificial ingredients.

You're going to feel great, but you don't have to take our word for it. Join our Facebook Group and ask others how the Smoothie Challenge helped them!


More Energy

Fuel your day with organic fruits, vegetables, and seeds to give you a natural energy boost to keep you going throughout your day.


Improve Gut Health

A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system, improved mood, and effective digestion. 


Naturally Detox

Nourish your body naturally with freshly frozen, organic fruits and vegetables, improve your health and eliminate toxins from your body.


Weight Management

Support weight-loss and weight management naturally by incorporating a balanced blend of fruits, vegetables and seeds.

Daily Motivation

The 20-Day Smoothie Challenge is a personal journey, but we're here for you every day with recipes, fitness tips, nutrition advice, and more!


Daily Smoothie Recipes

You'll never get bored with SmoothieBox! Our organic smoothie mixes are crafted by chefs and delicious on their own, but you can customize the flavors to your dietary needs and taste! Feel like a creamsicle smoothie or a peanut butter cup smoothie? We have a recipe for that!


Daily DIY Fitness Tips

Get the most out of the 20 Day Smoothie Challenge by adding 30 minutes of fitness to your day! Our daily fitness activities are designed for anyone, at any level! We'll guide you through yoga, arms & abs, legs & glutes, or a total body routine each day. It's optional, but worth it!


Exclusive eBooks

If you're a planner, you're going to looooove the eBooks! When you sign up, look for our welcome eBook to help you get started and plan for the Challenge! Starting on day 1, check your email for the first 10-Day plan filled with recipes, nutrition tips, a tracking worksheet, and more!


Easiest Challenge Ever

You're busy! We understand! That's why you can subscribe to daily Smoothie Challenge text on Day 1 of the Challenge. You won't have to check your email for the daily recipe or tips because we'll text it to you.

Have a question? Text us back!

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need for the Smoothie Challenge is 1. Sign up and order your SmoothieBox. 2. Make sure you have a good blender. A good blender makes all the difference!

Consistency is key to developing healthy habits. To get the most out of the 20 Day Smoothie Challenge, yes, you should replace one meal a day with a SmoothieBox smoothie.

Some people lose weight during the 20 Day Smoothie Challenge, but whether you will depends on your needs and habits. For a weight loss plan that works for you, consult your doctor or nutritionist.

To get the most out of the challenge, stick to the rules. At an absolute minimum, replace one meal a day with a SmoothieBox smoothie and do not eat or drink junk food. It will be worth it. You will feel so much better at the end of the challenge!

Everyone's start day will be different. Your 20 Day Smoothie Challenge will start after your SmoothieBox is delivered. You will receive an email and text message (optional) from us.


Get Started!

Order your SmoothieBox and start your Smoothie Challenge as little as 3 business days!


People Love SmoothieBox

There is an entire community of past SmoothieBox Challenge participants that have seen great success! See what they have to say, or join the Facebook Group and ask them yourself!

SmoothieBox Testimonials

SmoothieBox flavors are really amazing - especially Clementine! It helped me develop a routine and come up with my own smoothie ideas.

Danielle M.

The challenge motivated me to make better health choices.

Jill S.

I always feel better after having a smoothie, no matter what time of day!

Donna H.

During the challenge, I had less cravings for junk and the recipes were very filling.

Kate M.
20 Day Smoothie Challenge

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