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Joy, Member since 2019

I enjoy the convenience of SmoothieBox smoothies. I love the Berry flavor on its own, mixed with almond milk. I typically mix Clementine with pineapple juice and it's delicious!

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Bert, Member since 2018

I am an original backer of SmoothieBox, having taken part of their pre-sale launch in early 2018. Since then I have enjoyed my smoothies greatly. I have noticed a difference in my energy, and overall health when I travel and am not able to have my smoothie. The benefits are outstanding and I am a true believer in the product and ingredients.

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Ann, Member since 2018

I am a happy SmoothieBox member! I love all the flavors, and Green is my favorite. I have been using SmoothieBox since 2018, and have noticed that I have more energy and feel better on the days I have a smoothie. That's why now, I try not to go a single day without one. 

Berry Smoothies

The SmoothieBox Story

We believe that smoothies, like a lot of other things, have been hijacked by the sugar industry. Our smoothie delivery service offers 100% free shipping and delivery conveniently right to your door. Our smoothies are made with thoughtfully-sourced ingredients and free from additives.